Security check

All air passengers must undergo a safety check, these are requirements from the Swedish Transport Agency. The security check is to find objects that are forbidden to take to areas of authority and on board the aircraft. An area of competence is the area where the passengers are after the security check and until they board the aircraft. 

Tips before the security check

  • Show off your plastic bag with liquids, which will be x-rayed. You must also show any. liquid medicines, baby food and diet food. 
  • Take off your outerwear, which will be x-rayed. 
  • Take laptops and other similar electronic equipment out of your bags. All X-rays. 
  • Do not carry mobile phones, keys, coins and other small metal objects on you. Put these in your hand luggage even before you pass the security check. 
  • Place your hand luggage on the belt for the X-ray machine and pass through the metal detector yourself. 
  • If you try to take with you something that is judged to be forbidden, dangerous or hidden by the security check, it will be taken away from you.