Half-year card / Annual card  

To sign up for a subscription, go to our parking page Sweb. Select the start date on the first page and press search for your parking space or choose to register under Log in in the right corner to create an account immediately. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us at 

PPU- Ticketless parking

Do you often park at the airport? If this is the case, you can subscribe to "PPU-Pay Per Use" free of charge via our parking website Sweb. Register on the website Sweb and enter your information and your registration number so you can easily drive in and out with the help of camera reading. You will be charged for the card you have entered under your profile, when you drive out of the car park.

Fenced parking

Applies to contract parking on a half-yearly or annual basis For contracts regarding your own space, we refer to our information telephone 0480-45 90 00.