Park easily

Welcome to park your car at Kalmar Öland Airport! There are three different parking areas at the airport, A, B and C. All parking spaces are within close walking distance of the airport terminal.Map.

For those of you who travel frequently and park with us, click on subscriptions in the menu to see what best suits your needs.

Pick up or drop off passengers

In car park A, you stand 30 minutes free of charge if you pick up or drop off passengers. Press for a ticket or insert your debit card at the entrance. A camera reads your registration number at the entrance, which means that the barrier opens automatically at the exit. If the barrier does not open, use the ticket you received or the debit card you used at the entrance.

Charging points for electric vehicles

At Parking A there are a total of 8 charging points from More. In car park B there are a total of twelve charging points, four from More and eight from Mile post. All charging points are public and up to 22kW.

Handicap parking 

We offer free parking for up to 24 hours at our two disabled spaces. These are excellent at Parking A. Click for a ticket at the barrier and contact the Information when you return home from your trip.

Restaurant customers lunch 

It is free to park in Parking A for airport restaurant guests. Applies to weekdays at 11.00-14.00 for a maximum of 90 minutes. Press for ticket at the barrier when you drive in. Keep the ticket and use it again at the exit. If you have registered in the parking app (Sweb), the barrier opens automatically.