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Kalmar Öland Airport is a place where over 300,000 potential customers pass through each year, which makes us one of the region's major meeting places. 

The majority of our visitors are found in a strong target group of people aged 30-60, consisting of both business and leisure travelers. The airport is also frequented by a large number of people who do not travel, but who use the arena for business meetings, conferences, to have lunch or to pick up and drop off passengers. A large proportion of our customers have the Kalmar region as their home base, but we also see a growing number of domestic and international visitors, with the establishment of scheduled traffic to and from Germany. All in all, this means that our advertising spaces are noticed by an audience with a wide range. A good place to be seen simply. 

Are you interested in knowing more about the possibilities of being seen at the airport take a look  Our advertising space is your business arena or contact:

Phone: 010-357 48 54