Ownership directives & SGEI assignments

SGEI appointment

The Kalmar City Council has decided that Kalmar Öland Airport AB will provide services of general financial interest. The ordinance, which was adopted in January 2016, replaces the airport's previous SGEI ordinance. No public funding under the new regulation will be disbursed until the Commission has approved the mandate. The EU Commission announced in December 2016 that the SGEI assignment for Kalmar Öland Airport has been approved. The appointment runs until 31 December 2025, provided it is approved by the Commission. Link to appointment

YearTurn over including public supportPublic support capital costs 1)Public support operations grants 2)
2014 45,569,000 kr2,430,000 kr3,474,000 kr
2015 51,520,000 kr2,810,000 kr3,474,000 kr
2016 53 600 000 kr3,625,000 kr3,474,000 kr
201755,173,000 kr3,000,000 kr3,474,000 kr
201855,946,000 kr2,904,000 kr3,474,000 kr
201958 124 000 kr3,079,000 kr3,474,000 kr
202046,727,000 kr3,000,000 kr16,850,000 kr
2021SEK 55,599,0003,000,000 krSEK 31,474,000
2022SEK 51,851,766SEK 0SEK 15,440,000

1) Public support for SGEI activities due to financial cost for infrastructure investment. 

2) Operation grants for SGEI activities 2014 and 2016. 2015 operation grants for non economic activities.

YearDirect financing investment
20145,000,000 kr
201510,000,000 kr

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