Found & forgotten

Sometimes objects are forgotten or lost. This can be done on board the aircraft to Kalmar or in the airport terminal. The items found are placed in our Information and saved for three months. Here we list the things we have taken advantage of and the submission date. 

Do you think that you have forgotten / lost something in connection with a trip, it is always good to contact us on 0480-459000 to check if it has been submitted to us. We only list the objects, you must describe them yourself with a brand or similar to ensure ownership. 

  • 8/11 Scarf The street
  • 11/11 Gloves / arrival hall
  • 19/11 Keps - the terminal
  • 21/11 Bracelet - found in the terminal
  • 8/12 Hat found
  • 12/12 Wristband Link Departure hall
  • 13/12 Book found SK191
  • 17/12 Glove knitted
  • 22/12 Jacka Restaurant
  • 25/12 Water bottle with straw found in the restaurant
  • 25/12 Patterned black gloves found in the terminal
  • 27/12 Scarf black/white found in the security check
  • 27/12 Bracelet
  • 14/1 Book found DY9088
  • 21/1 FK checkout card / Various cards DY9088
  • 27/1 Gray cap in the restaurant
  • 30/1 Laddare/fodral till bluetooth upphittat på SK197 säte 7F