Found & forgotten

Sometimes objects are forgotten or lost. This can be done on board the aircraft to Kalmar or in the airport terminal. The items found are placed in our Information and saved for three months. Here we list the things we have taken advantage of and the submission date. 

If you think you have forgotten/lost something in connection with a trip, it is always a good idea to contact us on 010-357 48 00 to check if it has been submitted to us. We only list the items, you must describe them yourself with a brand or similar to ensure ownership. 

3/7 Cap

3/7 sunglasses

4/7 Cap DEKALB left behind in the restaurant

7/7 Had on board SK193

7/7 Insulin pen left behind in the restaurant

20/7 Cardigan EN8892

28/7 Glasses case charter from Croatia

31/7 Children's book in German, EN8892 FRA-KLR

31/7 Gloves found at SK193

1/8 Driving license found on TF652

4/8 green jersey arriving flight from Croatia

6/8 pocket book onboard TF672

3/9 black leather purse DK1447

6/9 Bracelet found clear of security

10/9 Bag with various spices found on arrival belt DK1447/TF652

17/9 Key found in the terminal

17/9 Cap found on board ank. DK1447 from Rhodes

17/9 Hair band found on board ank. DK1447 from Rhodes

24/9 Solglasögon barn vid bagagebandet