Free luggage trolleys are available to borrow next to the car park and inside the terminal building.

Hand luggage  

All luggage must remain within the size and weight limit for each airline. See the current baggage rules on the airline's website. 
In general, standardized measurements apply to hand luggage. According to IATA standards, hand luggage may have a maximum length of 56 centimeters, width 45 centimeters and depth 25 centimeters. The allowable weight for your hand luggage is usually between 5- 8 kg. Exceptions may occur, however, so contact your airline to be on the safe side. 

Checked in bagage

Remember to check what applies to your particular type of ticket via the airline's website before the trip. Special luggage such as golf bags, bicycles, electric wheelchairs and the like, usually need to be reported to the airline in advance. It can be a good idea to mark your bag with your name and telephone number in case the bag gets lost. It is possible to pay for overweight at the airport, but keep in mind that a bag can weigh a maximum of 32 kg.