Törneby solar park

The issue of sustainability is a central part of Kalmar municipality's development and it affects everyone. In 2018, two of Kalmar's municipal companies, Kalmar Energi and Kalmar Öland Airport, made a joint investment in a more sustainable future. In the airport area in Kalmar, we are building Sweden's largest member-owned photovoltaic park, Törneby Solpark. The fourth and final stage was completed in the spring of 2022 and the solar park today has a solar cell surface of 20,000 m². Törneby driftförening manages the facility.

Sun is in the shout!

Many electricity customers want to know how their energy is produced and several customers can imagine their own electricity production. Kalmar Energi's former solar plant, Nöbble Solpark, testifies to this. With sharing economy and new ideals, new behaviors are also emerging, which is something that Kalmar Energi and Kalmar Öland Airport want to focus on. Access to a good or service becomes more important than the ownership itself. This is an example of how the energy and travel industry can work together for sustainable profitable development, says Anna Karlsson, CEO of Kalmar Energi.

As a unit holder, you become your own electricity producer, without having to install your own solar panels. In addition, it contributes to a brighter, more sustainable future. Companies can also become so-called direct owners.

Facts about Törneby Solpark:

Markyta: 40000 m2
Solar cell surface: 20,000 m²
Annual production: about 3,000,000 kWh
Share size: about 100 kWh / year

For more information contact:

Ronny Lindberg CEO Kalmar Öland Airport ronny.lindberg@kalmarairport.se 010 357 48 10

Anna Karlsson CEO Kalmar Energi anna.karlsson@kalmarenergi.se 070-521 5163

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