Green airport

Swedish Regional Airports, SRF, where Kalmar Öland Airport is one of twenty-five member airports participating in the project, wants to be involved and contribute to Sweden becoming the world's first fossil-free country. In 2019, the pace of environmental work was increased by starting the Green Airport project, which runs over a 4-year period and where the project is awarded a financial contribution from the EU via the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth.

The entire Swedish aviation industry has backed a roadmap for fossil-free aviation. The goal is fossil-free domestic flights in 2030 and a completely fossil-free Swedish flight in 2045. With Green Airport, SRF will actively contribute to achieving the goals and strengthening the work by reducing emissions from the airports' own operations and increasing cooperation on environmental issues. 

The Green Airport project's overall goal is to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions at SRF's regional airports and make it possible to refuel with fossil-free aviation fuel and charge electric aircraft as the technology develops.

The contact person for the Green Airport project is Ellinor Johnson, Environmental Manager at Kalmar Öland Airport. 

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