Bio aviation fuel

Increased use of biofuel is an effective way to reduce the climate impact of aviation. At Kalmar Öland Airport, since 2018 we have aimed to increase the use of biofuel in order to reach 100% in our scheduled traffic by 2030. The biofuel aviation market is still a relatively immature market that is largely driven by those who dare to go ahead. Together, we – travelers and the airport – can be these forerunners and make the Kalmar region an important actor in the transformation of aviation.

How to fly greener

Already today, you and your company can reduce your climate impact directly during the flight by buying biofuel. Does it sound good? Here are some simple options for how to do it:  

  • Buy biofuel from the airlines that offer it. You buy the biofuel at the same time as you book your ticket. Information at each airline.
  • Buy biofuel through Fly Green Fund. Detailed information further down the page.

Contact us today and we will help you and your company fly greener! For a few extra hundred Swedish kroner, you can make your flight to Stockholm or Frankfurt carbon dioxide neutral. To achieve success, forerunners are needed. Your company's commitment is therefore crucial for this to succeed. We are happy to tell you more about how companies and other employers can contribute to sustainable aviation and how you can design a travel policy around aviation.

For more information contact: Karin Lagerlöf 010-357 48 13 or e-mail

Fly Green Fund

Fly Green Fund is a non-profit economic association that gives companies, individuals and public companies the opportunity to reduce the climate footprint of their air travel. The goal is to kick-start the market and the use of bio-aviation fuel in the Nordic region together. Anyone who wants to reduce the climate by buying biojet fuel, and at the same time contribute to a long-term more sustainable flight, can pay for their reduction with a card or Swish. As a company or public organization, the reduction can also be paid via invoice

Swisha a contribution to 123 131 4137 or use the climate calculator

This is how companies do

Reduce climate by signing annual agreements. Based on how much the company flies, a sum is paid that reduces the travel's climate impact. The money goes to the purchase of bio aviation fuel.

When your company makes a payment to the Fly Green Fund, it contributes to a better environment - and to a stronger Kalmar region.