Kalmar Öland Airport and the County Administrative Board are collaborating in a national project to promote wild bees. Bee pollination is essential for biodiversity, and for much of the food we eat. To help promote bee pollination, we have allocated and prepared suitable land to create nesting and feeding areas for the wild bees.

Some time ago we inaugurated the airport's first hotel – an eco-ox hotel! One such consists of an old oak log that is placed out in nature to serve as a home and food for Europe's largest beetle species, the free-living acorn. This is part of our work to increase biological diversity in the county and in the airport area.

Mole nests and other insect nests will be added to Ekbacken within the airport area during 2023. As there is a shortage of old hollow deciduous trees, mole nests are excellent substitutes for these. A hummingbird nest is similar in appearance to a bird nest, but is not a habitat for birds, but for insects and bats. After the nest is built, it is filled with various leaves, shavings and wood. More information to follow.