Flights from Kalmar Öland Airport Six days a week to Stockholm

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Travel easily to Stockholm

All year round you can fly between Kalmar Öland Airport and Stockholm Bromma. Regardless of whether you are traveling for work or privately, you will hopefully find a flight that suits your purpose. The airline GOOD operates the route Kalmar Stockholm Bromma with several daily departures six days a week, so the opportunities to visit our capital or travel further afield are many. Schedule


Fly with BRA

BRA offers daily trips Monday to Friday and Sunday to Bromma city airport. If you want to travel further, BRA serves a large number of domestic destinations and also Aarhus in Denmark and Helsinki in Finland. For those who are going up to the mountains, there are both Sälen/Trysil and Åre/Östersund in the range of destinations. From Bromma airport, you can easily get into town by airport bus, taxi or cross-railway.

Via Stockholm to Sweden and the Nordics

Are you heading out to Sweden and want a smooth and comfortable journey from the start? Then check the possibilities of flying all the way from Kalmar. Via Stockholm Bromma you reach large parts of Sweden as well as Aarhus in Denmark and Helsinki in Finland. And you can check in your luggage all the way. Do you need help finding the best route for your purpose? A travel agency is a specialist in just that.