Travel to Crete from Kalmar Öland Airport Sundays 14/5, 28/5, 13/8, 27/8, 10/9, 24/9

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Versatile Crete

Crete is Greece's largest and most versatile island. It has long beaches, rural villages, cozy towns and ancient culture. You can stay in your own villa with pool, in a fitness hotel or small personal apartment hotels. Eastern Crete is our tip for you who want a quiet and a little luxurious holiday.

Kreta - Ving

Greek delicacies

The climate in Crete is outstanding, with lush greenery in the spring and warm in the sea well into late autumn. Admire the icons in incense-smelling small churches. Snorkel in the bathing bays of the south coast. Dancing in outdoor clubs. Find a genuine inn in the mountains and order meze with calamares, mussels, sheep cheese, spicy stir-fries and small phyllo dough pies.

Kreta - Ving

Cities, culture and nature

Also do not miss the charming towns of Chania and Rethymnon, where alleys and medieval castles meet modern holiday life. With our excursions you can visit King Minos' 3,700-year-old palace in Knossos, walk in the scenic Samaria Gorge or stretch out on the famous Elafonissi beach, where the sand is colored pink by finely ground shells and corals.