Travel to Frankfurt from Kalmar Öland Airport Departures Monday and Thursday May-October

Travel with Lufthansa

Direct to Frankfurt and the world!

The summer timetable to Frankfurt includes two departures/arrivals a week Monday morning/morning and Thursday afternoon/evening. The route connects smoothly to a variety of destinations in Europe and intercontinental. Book directly at Lufthansa website

Take the train to Europe

Now you can fly from Kalmar to Frankfurt and then travel by train within Germany or further in Europe. Lufthansa Rail & Fly offers more than 130 daily departures between Frankfurt Airport and 22 German cities, flights and trains on a single booking. You can also book a separate train ticket and then the number of departures from/to Frankfurt is many more. Go in and take a look  Deutsche Bahn. Keep in mind that you can travel from both Frankfurt Main Hbf (central station) and Frankfurt am Main flughafen (airport). A tip, download DB Navigator, Deutsche Bahn's app.

Examples of cities and timetables by train from Frankfurt Airport:

Amsterdam < 5 h Milan < 8 h
Berlin < 6 h Munich < 4 h
Brussels < 3 h Paris < 4 h
Innsbruck < 6 h Prague < 8 h
Cologne < 1 h Zurich < 4 h


Easy out close to home

The airline Air Dolomiti, which is part of the Lufthansa Group, offers direct flights from Kalmar to Frankfurt in Germany twice a week between May and October. Check in in Kalmar and get to Frankfurt and further out into the whole world with just one check-in. Book directly at Lufthansa website.

Monday: Departure Frankfurt 08.15 arrival Kalmar 09.55. Departure Kalmar 10.30 arrival Frankfurt 12.15

Thursday: Departure Frankfurt 16:15, arrival Kalmar 17:55. Departure Kalmar 18:30 arrival Frankfurt 20:15



The city with something for everyone

Frankfurt is known as the major fair city with, among other things, its book fair and one of the world's largest car exhibitions, something that attracts visitors from all over the world. The city also offers a plethora of activities and experiences for the weekend traveler with both culture, food and other entertainment. Those who want to take a break from everyday life can take the opportunity to enjoy magical expanses, impressive castles and fortresses as well as world-class food and wines in the Rhine Valley (Rheingau) area, just under an hour's drive from Frankfurt. From the airport in Frankfurt, it is easy to take the train into the city and then on to the Rhine Valley. Between cities and villages along the Rhine, it is easy to travel by train, but if you want to explore the small roads, vineyards and villages in the area, a rental car is almost a must.

On tour in the area

If you want to experience more culture and history in the vicinity of Frankfurt, a tip is the famous health resort Wiesbaden, approx. 45 minute commuter train journey from Frankfurt. Just over 2 hours by train from Frankfurt you will also find the city of Erfurt, whose Christmas market said to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The train journey to Erfurt takes you via the city of Eisenach, where composer Johann Sebastian Bach was born and raised. In Eisenach you can visit Bachhaus the house where Bach was born. Also Wartburg, the medieval castle linked to several famous events in German history, is located in Eisenach. It was e.g. where Martin Luther translated the New Testament into German and where the Battle of the Singers at the Wartburg took place, which later included a. inspired Richard Wagner's opera Tannhäuser. On it Frankfurt page of the German tourist office there is useful information and tips on everything from attractions and events to accommodation and excursions.

Frankfurt flyplats

Frankfurt Am Main

Frankfurt is one of Europe's largest airports and the German airline Lufthansa has its primary hub there. The airport has two main terminals where Lufthansa is located in terminal one. The range of destinations from Frankfurt is huge and it is easy to fly on to all the continents of the world and easily check in in Kalmar.