Arrival flight

Date Time Line Company From Status
31/01 16:00 TF660 GOOD Stockholm / Bromma Landed 15:57
31/01 18:45 SK197 SAS Stockholm / Arlanda
31/01 18:50 TF662 GOOD Stockholm / Bromma

Departing flights

Date Time Line Company Destination Status
31/01 16:30 TF659 GOOD Stockholm / Bromma Departed 16:27
01/02 06:30 SK2198 SAS Stockholm / Arlanda
01/02 06:50 TF651 GOOD Stockholm / Bromma

Airport Live

Welcome to the page for you who want to know what is happening at the airport here and now. Here you will find real-time information on everything from departures, arrivals and weather to connecting buses, available parking spaces, production of solar energy at the airport and refueled biofuel in the aircraft. Are you curious about which planes are passing in the clouds above us right now? Here you have the answer!

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Flicka leker med grön flygplan

Airport for a sustainable future

At Kalmar Öland Airport, we have a tradition of being at the forefront of sustainability work. We want to be one of the airports that is first in the line of the green transition. In addition to working with the environment in our own operations, which today are fossil-free, we think bigger and longer. For example, we are already planning for how we can enable an infrastructure for commercial electric aviation in Kalmar.


Park with us

Have you taken the car to the airport before your trip, are you going to drop off someone who is going on an adventure, or maybe you just want to go in for lunch? Park conveniently and close to the terminal, regardless of the reason for your visit.



Bildbeskrivning saknas

We are proud of our place on earth and think it is important that you know where you have landed, or where you have been when you leave here. In our new store, we therefore want to highlight something that is unique about our region. The tradition of glass is one such thing. With us you will therefore find a selected collection of Målerås Glasbruk's beautiful glass. Gifts you can easily take with you on the trip. Here in the form of the tree of life, Yggdrasil. #glasriket #målerås #måland #design #flyandbuy

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